Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hidden Causes

What caused the mortgage crisis?

What happened to the recession?

Terrorist attack in Germany?

Will food prices go down again?

Is global warming good science?

Is Tariq Aziz guilty of war crimes?

Do we need to start drilling for oil in US?


Should we allow people to publish books about people who fund terrorists?

Can babies get cancer from eating rice cereal?

Is there slavery in China?

Low on Energy

Revisiting the 1993 WTC bombing

What to do about high gas prices?

What President Bush actually said

Paying teachers not to teach

Affirmative action at law schools

Churchill biography and more here

Why are gas prices so high?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Searching for Clues

Hillary Clinton and earmarks

Should people have to show photo id to vote?

Hutchison: Corn is food!

Witches in Canada

The end of men

British rule in Kenya

Imperial Iran

Another chapter in the present Iran-Iraq war

Why is the price of food going up? Look at central banks

Crimes and Punishments

Crime in Norway

Staged photographs

But don’t tell anyone

And don’t question global warming

Crime in France

Is there a problem with overpopulation?

Monday, April 28, 2008


Arends on food prices

Krauthammer on Obama-Ayres relationship

Lots of snow

Planned Parenthood and African-Americans

Counting sunspots

Islamic terrorism will henceforth be described as “anti-Islamic activity.”

Jeremiah Wright on the Iraq war: “what we are doing is the same thing al Qaeda is doing under a different colored flag”

Do racists vote Republican?

Slow News Day

Violence in Indonesia

Are Shia militias and Al Qaeda teaming up in Iraq?

Is the Iraq war the reason why the economy is slowing down?

Hot springs on Mars?

How we got into the Iraq war

Unintended conequences of environmentalism

Cianci in Rhode Island

Is the UN making this better or worse?

Rice subsidies in Philippines

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rice and Beans

Do the Geneva Conventions protect the rights of terrorists?

Rape of Nanking

How food prices will go down again

A right to kill?

The “awful but collateral consequence of ruthless agricultural policies

What happened to Solzhenitsyn?

Blogging (or not) in Saudi Arabia

UN and human rights

Inexpensive meals

Monks on You Tube

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Prophets, False and True

Farm bill follies

Another violent peace protester

Sadr ready to surrender?

Cosby the prophet

Secret treaties

Banned books

Wright in context

Freedom of press in Russia?

Guantanamo alum arrested

Friday, April 25, 2008

Just Pretending

Is Obama a Marxist?

Crunching numbers on corn

Hard times for newspapers

Time to start shopping?

Should we go nuclear?

Hillary and Madonna

Is the rest of the world Anti-American?

Remembering the dead in Gallipoli

Social justice in public schools

The Right Stuff

Banning prayer

Second Iran-Iraq war and more on this here

Send food not dollars

The way of all pubs

Does making math relevant make it easier to learn?

What is anti-semitism?

Russians are having babies again

Obama and Israel

What is the Fourth Amendment?

Is ethanol really that bad?

More on this here

Thursday, April 24, 2008

There is Hope

Is there a cure for AIDS?

It’s getting colder and more here

Gonzalez gets a job

What’s the best way to reduce prices?

Hentoff on Obama’s abortion record

Education in the US

Cause and Effect

Futures for blood

Why are people starving in Haiti?

Like corn for gasoline

How and why did we send troops into Iraq?

Lies for votes?

More CO2 and its getting colder

Rediscovering the right to acquire and possess property

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Common Defense

People respond to incentives

Cutting costs in Sweden

How seriously do they take national defense in Spain?

Stopping a bomb in Syria

Getting colder

Where has all the food gone?

On Death and Dying

Marxist t-shirt

They say McCain has a bad temper

Obama and the Weatherman

Land for peace?

Blood for corn?

Blood for home mortgages?

Little ice age?

Can sex be dangerous?

Obama sees dead people

Would Shia Muslims provide support to Sunni terrorists?

A vision of students today

How left-wing is Obama?

Wounds, Some Self-Inflicted

What’s so peaceful about peace activists?

300,000 dead in Darfur?

Why is there so much poverty in Latin America?

A nuclear reactor in Syria?

Should the federal government buy student loans?

Peace in Pakistan?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's My Party

Lost boys of polygamy

Stopping terrorists

Stopping parties in Iran

These lizards took only 35 years to evolve in ways that would normally take millions of years...

Don't Believe the Hype

Pictures of earth and space and snowflakes

Are we entering another little ice age? Look at the sunspots.

Is there a food shortage and, if so, why?

Are gas prices high and, if so, why?

Is Obama responsible for his relationship with Ayres?

Why do evangelical Christians think that earth is getting warmer?

Is the US the world’s leader in protecting the environment?

Response to Al Gore

Why don’t we get daily updates about the violence in Chicago?

The Wages of Sin

Why are women dying younger?

How to cause a recession

Attacking Christians in Iraq

The cost of education

Why is there a food shortage?

High price of rice

State of the environment

Why are male fish suddenly unable to reproduce?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Terms of Engagement

Is the earth getting colder?

More on this here

Why did people stop talking about global warming and start talking about climate change? Here’s a hint. And here’s another.

Why do evangelical Christians think that earth is getting warmer?

Is Al-Arian a terrorist?

More on how to win in Iraq

More on this here

Evidence of the exodus and more here

Unintended Consequences

Why don’t we get daily updates about violence in Venezuela?

Are fossil fuels really made out of fossils?

Where have all the girls gone?

Do babies cause poverty?

Innocents abroad

How to end the war in Iraq

Friday, April 18, 2008

Matters of Faith

Dallas Morning News review of Fahrenheit 9/11 and of Expelled

Please stop the bombs

More on this here

Defending Mark Steyn

Reuters and the Middle East

Thursday, April 17, 2008

From the Sublime...

Mark Metherell: Christian soldier

Peace protests

Is Sweden really a socialist paradise?

Is Norway a terrorist paradise?

General Welfare

Should there be a US Secretary of Poverty?

Two year wait to see a dentist in UK?

UK not so hot with prostate cancer either

Saddam and Al Qaeda?

Is the economy as bad as people say?

Gangs of Nyack

Do scientists agree on global warming?

Death penalty for blasphemy?

Liberty or Death

Should the US increase foreign aid for the funding of family planning? (For a defintion of “Global Gag Rule” see here.)

Starving in North Korea and the North Korean government blames the United States.

Mistrial in terror case

Stevens says death penalty is unconstitutional and Scalia suggests that perhaps this is a matter for legislatures to decide.

China sends arms to help Mugabe

MSA meeting at Queensborough Community College

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unalienable Rights

Israel’s war against Syria?

Did 9/11 really happen?

Jaffa v. Obama

Coolidge on the Declaration

In a Strange Land

The cost of out of wedlock births and divorce

More on this here

Life as a religious minority in Egypt

Synagogues in Iran

The cost of public education

Human Rights

Darwin and Hitler?

Wrongful conviction

Building a better catfish

Tax breaks for big business

Human rights in Canada

To be thin in France

To be Bardot in France

Life in Basra

Human rights in Mexico

Human rights in New Mexico

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Trailer of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


Obama and Auchi

Reporters and anonymous sources

Detainees in Afghanistan

Farm bill

Developments in Iraq

More on this here

National security letters

Should the US build a border fence?

Clerking for Justice Goldberg

Monday, April 14, 2008

Constitutionally Limited Government

In defense of Article I.8

How many students graduate high school?

What qualities would Obama look for in a Supreme Court Justice?

What about McCain?


Should the US enforce its immigration laws?

Living together: feast or folly?

Out of wedlock births

Free trade with Colombia?

Close Gitmo?

Where do things stand in Iraq?

Should the people of Louisiana be able to execute convicted child rapists, if they want to?

More on this here

Iraq fires soldiers who deserted in Basra

Core curriculum at Columbia

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Treat the Cause not just the Symptom

America’s greatest heroes

Why are food prices high?

Saturday, April 12, 2008


100 Best Non-Fiction

Majority of One

How not to respond to an economic downturn

Obama and friends

Global cooling?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Standing on Principle

Terrorists on welfare

Helping Churchill

Before the Crusades

A Government textbook with a conservative bias?

Domestic sources of oil

Self-Evident Truths

Methods of interrogation

Should we stay or go?

Jaffa on Buckley

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Appearances Can Deceive

It’s getting cooler

Homosexuality in Egypt

What really happened in Basra?

Stubborn Facts

Charter school in Minnesota

Crimes of Berger

Hazlitt on inflation

Absolut borders

USSR and genocide

Murder in the name of religion

Saddam Hussein’s support of terrorism

Is Iraq exporting terrorists now?

Cricket and music

Misremembering Katrina

Classical music concerts in the 19th century

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Respecting Faces

Are human beings causing global warming? And more here

Democrats and free trade

Absolute Sweden

Debacle in Basra? And more here

Should we withdraw troops from Iraq within one year?

Crimes of Mugabe

Affirmative action at UT

Monday, April 7, 2008

Creative Destruction

Mugabe v. the people of Zimbabwe and more here

Spengler: In praise of Sherman

Starbucks and economic freedom

Charlton Heston reading selections from George Washington

LA Times correction on Guantanamo Bay article

AP’s Jeannine Aversa and the economy here, here, and here

The Iran-American War

Strip clubs: free expression in Texas

Disaster in Zimbabwe

Disastrous ecological interventions of the past

The Iran-American war

Winners don’t call for cease fires

Bypassing Congress

Are we headed into a recession?

Obama’s father and poverty in Africa

Sex before marriage and happiness

Kersten’s blog is here

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Earn This

Private farmers in Cuba

War and the movies

Poverty in Africa

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Paint It Black

Job loss in March

LA Times: “March data show sharpest job losses in 5 years”

“The unemployment rate hit 5.1% in March, up from 4.8% in February”

Best way to cause a recession

NY Times: Democrats Call for New Aid Package as 80,000 Jobs Are Cut

Health care: supply and demand

Dallas Morning News: “Job data paints gloomy picture: Shrinking unemployment rolls make recession unavoidable, experts say; question now is how painful it will be…Recession almost certain, economists say”

US Economy: Paint it Black

Recession of 2000-2002 and more here

Did the economy start shrinking in 2000?

More economic data here

What is life like in Cuba?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ups and Downs

Is the earth getting warmer?

Baby, it’s getting cooler outside

Unemployment up

What happened to Bear Stearns?

British terrorists: Are they guilty?

Not just airplanes

Basra: don’t believe the hype

Birth control

American Founding

No big deal

Thanks to global warming

Terrorists on trial

100 years war

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Legends of a Fall

Chinese spies

Not chicken feed

Columbia and Nazis

Legends of a fall

Who says the economy is bad?

Whom are we fighting in Iraq?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Almost There

McCain on Letterman

An odd couple

Putting an end to job discrimination

Two down, one to go

Obama on abortion

Is it getting warmer?

Shutting down the Senate

Knocking down homes

High Cost of a College Education

Tuition and fees at UT here, here, and here.

Are We Winning Yet?

Change in Cuba?

Is Murat Kurnaz a terrorist?

More on Kurnaz here

Who won in Basra?

Al Sadr in Iran

Hamas and peace

Minnesota dreaming

Hillary and the right to counsel

Death in Gaza

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What is real?

Great Depression 2008

So why are more people getting food stamps?

Are we in a recession?

Obama and babies

Prager on why Wright is not a prophet

Innocent in Haditha

Innocent at Guantanamo Bay

Misquoting McCain

What’s going on in Detroit?

Useful websites

Ceaser on ’08

Is the NY Times telling the truth in Basra?

Al Qaeda on Trial

Ghailani on trial

More on Ghailani

Lots of pork

Fighting will continue in Basra