Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Headlines: December 27, 2008

155 killed as Israel launches air strikes in Gaza Strip

Dollar Shift: Chinese Pockets Filled as Americans’ Emptied

A child soldier or just a child? GUANTANAMO DETAINEES: The chief prosecutor of the tribunal dismisses critics’ contentions that juveniles are prohibited from being held accountable for war crimes. Omar Khadr was 15 when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2002. His Guantanamo trial raises ethical questions.

Japan Should Scrap U.S. Debt; Dollar May Plummet, Mikuni Says

W.E.B. Du Bois and Religion - Books & Culture

W.E.B. Du Bois and Religion - Books & Culture

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Headlines: December 24, 2008

Why Obama Really Might Decriminalize Marijuana

Williams: Global Warming Rope-A-Dope

Peace on Earth at Missile Silo 571-7: Giving thanks for the American strength that won the Cold War.

A Disturbing Book Worth Reading

eHarmony's Discord How a gay activist and the state of New Jersey dictated diversity to a popular online dating service.

A Russian Bailout? Not On Our Dime

Monday, December 15, 2008

Headlines: December 15, 2008

Where Have All the Doctors Gone?

China Sinks New Kyoto

Powerline: Throw Another Log On the Fire...

"The best chapter in either of these books, and the only one that meets the test of political history head on, is Ellis's on U.S.-Indian relations."

2003: Saddam’s son fed his love rivals to the lions

Friday, December 12, 2008

Headlines: December 12, 2008

Study: Illegal immigrants' care costs state $677 million

Going the Way of France (1790)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Headlines: December 11, 2008

Supreme Court to hear arguments in case tied to 9/11


UN Blowback: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

China Wants US & West to Give 1% of Annual Wealth to Fight Global Warming

Rock legends want to silence Guantanamo's torture tunes

“Torture” in the Dock: A tough interrogation in Germany

No China Life Line Coming

Bipartisan Report: Rumsfeld Responsible for Detainee Abuse
Senate Committee Finds Officials Made Decisions That Led to Offenses Against Prisoners

Out of food, Zimbabweans eating cow dung: Political leadership needed to overcome crisis

Whitewashing Fannie Mae: Congress begins its self-absolution campaign.

Greece: it’s not all about the economy, stupidMany see the riots as a simple response to the credit crunch. In truth they expose Greece’s deep and historic crisis of legitimacy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Headlines: December 10, 2008

Schlaes: The Perils of a Cement Tsunamai

"Astonishingly, every single year since 1992 is in the current list of the 20 warmest years on record."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Headlines: December 9, 2008

Mayors Say They Want 'Build-Out,' Not Bailout: Mayors push infrastructure projects and recovery plans.

Reparations, R.I.P.: Cause of death: 9/11, public opinion, and the courts

Mangan: Empire of Debt

Human Rights Commission: "Kill the Christian" Lyrics that's OK but Criticize Homosexuality NO WAY

The Disaster Called the New Deal

Lessons From the Great Books Generation: Our culture now resists the idea of a canon.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Questions about Global Warming

GTT: Has the earth, in fact, warmed dramatically over the past 40 years? Has it warmed at all? By how much? If it has warmed, did most of that warming take place in a single year or did it increase gradually over time?

Also, if there is a temperature increase, are the temperatures being measured on the ground or somewhere up in the atmoshpere? How reliable are temperature readings in other parts of the world?

(I notice that when I turn on a desk light by a thermometer in my son's room, the temperature increases by a degree or so. Might something like that happening with the measure of ground temperatures?)

Also, if temperatures decrease this year and in the next few years, would that invalidate the global warming hypothesis? (By the way, why have some people stopped talking about global warming and started talking about "climate change"?)

Pattern of Strange Errors Plagues Solar Activity and Terrestrial Climate Data

Construction of a Composite Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) Time Series from 1978 to present

Climate myths: Global warming is down to the Sun, not humans

MELANIE PHILLIPS: Shannon's mother, a culture of greed and why we must abolish child benefit | Mail Online

MELANIE PHILLIPS: Shannon's mother, a culture of greed and why we must abolish child benefit Mail Online

Headlines: December 8, 2008

Obama: Workers staging sit-in 'absolutely right'

Iraq at the End of the Surge

UN Survey: Arabs Read Approximately 4 Pages Per Year

The Pill as Pollutant Cont.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Headlines: December 7, 2008

Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale

Montana Judge Endorses Right to Assisted Suicide


Situation in Somalia Seems About to Get Worse

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Headlines: December 6, 2008

Conservative myths about the financial crisis

Johnny Cash And Friends - Silent Night, Little Drummer Boy (video)

A 'Testament to Bach': Paul Tortelier broke Pablo Casals's lock on the Cello Suites

Friday, December 5, 2008

Headlines: December 5, 2008

Historic Progress in Iraq

Kissinger: ‘Great Progress Has Been Made in Iraq’

A Japanese General Rewrites the Past: The story of World War II varies by country.

Apocryphal Washington Quotation?

Josh Hamilton's testimony

Brian Welch's testimony

Climate history may explain empires' fall - study

The Great Society: A Libertarian Critique

2008 will be coolest year of the decade: Global average for 2008 should come in close to 14.3C, but cooler temperature is not evidence that global warming is slowing, say climate scientists

Higgs: Banking Act of 1935 + Fed’s Exercise of This Authority = New Deal Policy

"Satellite readings of temperatures in the lower troposphere (an area scientists predict would immediately reflect any global warming) show no warming since readings began 23 years ago. These readings are accurate to within 0.01ºC, and are consistent with data from weather balloons. Only land-based temperature stations show a warming trend, and these stations do not cover the entire globe, are often contaminated by heat generated by nearby urban development, and are subject to human error."

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Headlines: December 4, 2008

Split in Episcopal Church hits new level: Conservatives who fled liberal views of Scripture have formed a breakaway church in North America.

Keynesian borrowing won't solve our economic problems

Hanson: Back to the Old 9/11 Days

McCain Couldn't Compete With Obama's Money: America affirms Chicago's Golden Rule.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Higher Education May Soon Be Unaffordable for Most Americans, Report Says - NYTimes.com

Higher Education May Soon Be Unaffordable for Most Americans, Report Says - NYTimes.com

Headlines: December 3, 2008

U.K. Conjoined Twin Dies After Separation, London Hospital Says

Transitional Lincoln: The speech that put a frontier lawyer-politician on the road to the White House.

Lincoln: Speech at Peoria, October 16, 1854

FORGOTTEN TEXAS HISTORY.; The Lone Star State Part of the Louisiana Purchase.

Under the title Was Texas a Part of the Louisiana Purchase? Prof. Ficklen , of Tulane University, has made a valuable contribution to Texas history,—one that deserves to rank as standard authority upon this question.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Headlines: December 2, 2008

Mumbai attacks: US intelligence warned India a strike from Pakistani group was planned
US intelligence passed warnings to India that Pakistan-based terrorists would infiltrate its territory by sea to attack Mumbai (formerly Bombay) landmarks, including the Taj Mahal hotel, officials have told American television.

US states to ask Obama for funds to fight recession

Schwarzenegger declares fiscal emergency

U.S. Warned India in October of Potential Terror Attack: NSA Now Tracking Captured Phones, U.S. Connections

Mumbai attacks: Terrorists took cocaine to stay awake during assault
Terrorists who battled Indian commandos for 60-hours last week relied on cocaine and other stimulants to stay awake for the duration of the fight.

The Rabbi and the Terrorist

Stealth Jihad

Obama as Hoover: The Importance of Storytelling

Heroes At The Taj: After a terrifying day, one eyewitness thanks his saviors.

Does God Bind or Unleash the King?

Spengler: China’s six-to-one advantage over the US

Other People's Children: We know what's best

The Irony of American Politics: A reissued Reinhold Niebuhr classic sheds light on current follies.

2000: Paul Johnson on Rothbard

Monday, December 1, 2008

Headlines: December 1, 2008


The camps where militants learn to commit atrocities around the globe

Will: Same Old New Deal?

Why Are Wages Low in Developing Countries?

Pentagon to detail military to bolster security: Plan would dedicate 20,000 uniformed troops inside U.S. by 2011

Klein: Off the Table

Lost IllusionsWhat really happened in Mumbai.

Russell Roberts: What You Need to Know about the Bailout (video)

Practice, Practice: A bold quest to master Mozart and survive a public performance.

Mumbai: Doctors shocked at hostages's torture

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Headlines: November 30, 2008

Jacoby: The UN's obsession with demonizing Israel

Schlaes: The Krugman Recipe for Depression: Massive government spending is no solution to unemployment.

The Evolution of Terror

Nobody's Ever Been in Pittsburgh (Obama suddenly seeing the wisdom of many of Bush's policies)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Headlines: November 29, 2008

India: Life in the Fast Lane

Biodiesel tax break backfires: U.S. producers reap federal subsidy while selling most of the fuel overseas

Who Really Pays?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Headlines: November 28, 2008

Krauthammer: From Market Economy to Political Economy

Mumbai attacks: Was computer expert aged 36 the mastermind?

They came to kill and maim: 24 hours that struck terror into the heart of Bombay

Mumbai Terror: In cold blood

My Plymouth PilgrimageIt was a worthwhile visit, despite the best efforts of the guardians of political correctness.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Headlines: November 27, 2008

Squanto--God's Special Indian Thanksgiving Story


The Pilgrims' Financial Crisis

Iowa's gay marriage ban goes before high court: The state Supreme Court will hear arguments next month about whether the Defense of Marriage Act - briefly struck down last year - is unconstitutional.

Iranian man sentenced to be blinded by acid

McCarthy: India

How Do Scientists Know the Universe is Expanding?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Headlines: November 26, 2008

Fed Risks ‘Spitting in the Wind’ With New $800 Billion Pledge

Obama on the 'urgency' of combating 'global warming'

Medved: Big Lies that Poison Thanksgiving and Subvert Our Sense of Honor

Scientists urge caution on global warming

The Separation of Church and State and the Establishment of Religion

“Under Republican leadership, New Hampshire separated church from state in 1817, and Connecticut in 1818, leaving Massachusetts the only state with an establishment of religion, which would endure until 1833.”

2003: Middle Ages were warmer than today, say scientists

2006: Paraguayan Mystery Fish With Four Limbs Walked On Land

The Attempt at Vindicating Lincoln

'A Day of Thanksgiving': The national holiday actually began at a dark hour during our war for independence. Here's the story.

What Darwin Really Said

Sources: Al Qaeda Targets Amtrak N'east Corridor: Heightened Security Presence In Place At Penn Station; Attack Could Cripple Transit Between Boston, Washington

Intelligence chiefs were expecting Al-Qaeda spectacular

Merkel criticises US over crisis

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Headlines: November 25, 2008

Pre-Budget report: National Insurance rise adds to high earners' woes: High earners face increased National Insurance payments and a new supertax under a raft of measures announced in today's pre-Budget report.

Obama: Costly stimulus needed to jolt economy

Fed throws fresh lifeline to financial system

"This action is being taken to reduce the cost and increase the availability of credit for the purchase of houses, which in turn should support housing markets and foster improved financial conditions more generally," the Fed said.

Frequently Asked Questions: Federal Reserve System

Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?

Who Owns the Fed?

Clear and Present Danger: The Obama administration is about to discover that the terrorists detained at Guantánamo are there for good reason.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A New Vision for the United States

Headlines: November 24, 2008

Obama Will Get Stimulus Bill First Day, Democrats Say (Update1)

U.S. approves plan to help Citigroup weather losses


The New Deal Didn’t Always Work, Either

HENTOFF: New president, more abortions

Obama to act swiftly on economy - 1st presser (video)

Fed Pledges Top $7.4 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit (Update1)

21st Century Welfare Queens

The price of dissent on global warming

Sorry saga of Hicks supporters

Letter exposes Iran's assistance to al-Qaeda

What a Single Nuclear Warhead Could Do: Why the U.S. needs a space-based missile defense against an EMP attack.

When Even Good News Worsens a Panic: Despite hysteria, credit default swaps won't wreck the economy.

Keynote Address by U.S. Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey - Prepared Remarks

A near-riot and parliament besieged: Iceland boiling mad at credit crunch

Holy Land Foundation defendants guilty on all counts

Archive: The Holy Land Foundation saga

Holy Land investigation dates back to 1993

Both sides of the Holy Land Foundation case

2007: Housing woes take bigger toll on economy than expected: Paulson

United States housing bubble

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Headlines: November 19, 2008

Calvin College: American Government and Politics/Research Methods

Obama Vows Swift Action on Vast Economic Stimulus Plan

Hanson: What Went Wrong?

2006: Katrina Begets a Baby Boom by Immigrants

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Headlines: November 22, 2008

France forgets giants of British cinema: No wonder Peter O'Toole looks shocked: the prestigious Cahiers du Cinema has revealed its list of the 100 greatest films of all time – and not one of them was made here.

"Average winter temperatures in New York are up nearly 5 degrees Fahrenheit, said Dr. Stephen Breyman of the state's Office of Climate Change."

California unemployment jumps to 8.2%, third-highest in the U.S.: The state's unemployment rate is the highest in 14 years; it rose half a percentage point in October from the month earlier. In the past 12 months, more than 100,000 jobs have been lost.

Why Guns Are Better Than Butter: In economic crises, watch out for government expansion.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Headlines: November 21, 2008

Obama calls on his Internet campaign army to march again

The eHarmony Shakedown

Evangelicals -- A Drag on or Essential to the GOP?

Centre for Social Justice

Iranian Christians Under Attack

Texas employers add 23,000 jobs

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Headlines: November 20, 2008

Prop. 8 gay marriage ban goes to Supreme Court: The California high court will review legal challenges to Prop. 8. A hearing is set for March. Prior to a ruling, gay weddings will not be allowed to resume.

GTT: The CA Supreme Court has already found that homosexual marriage is guaranteed by the equal protection clause of the CA Constitution. So they will certainly find that it violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Then it will be off to the U.S. Supreme Court and what will happen there is any one's guess.

Iceland Gets $4.6 Billion Bailout From IMF, Nordics (Update3)

Mussina Close to Making Retirement Official

Why the Drudge Report is one of the best designed sites on the web

More Sarahs, Fewer Arnolds

"One of the dirty little secrets hidden in the nation’s mortgage crisis is the fact that five million of those bad loans were given to illegal aliens! How many of those loans were in California?"

‘A Matter of the People’: Careening toward chaos in Caracas.

Higgs: The TARP Is Dead, Long Live the TARP

George Washington: The Thanksgiving Proclamation: New York, 3 October 1789

NBC's Curry Climbs 'Poster-Child' for Climate Change 'Today' show anchor misleads viewers about declining Mt. Kilimanjaro ice during network's 'green' week.


"By the mid-1990s, the rate of unmarried childbearing among new black mothers reached over three-quarters" (Abrahamson, Out-of-Wedlock Births, 32).

2006: 37 Percent of U.S. Births Out of Wedlock


Number of live births to unmarried women: 1,527,034
Birth rate for unmarried women: 47.5 births per 1,000 unmarried women aged 15-44 years
Percent of all births to unmarried women: 36.9

"In 1940, fewer than 10 in 1,000...unmarried women had a child"(Abrahamson, Out-of-Wedlock Births, 28).

The Obama Health Plan Emerges

Destructive Delusions: How therapists and 'victims' seized on the idea of repressed memory, leveling false charges and ruining lives.

"I remember a burglar asking me, in the prison in which I worked as a doctor, why he continued to burgle, expecting me to say that it was because of his terrible childhood. When I told him it was because he was lazy and stupid, and because prison sentences were not nearly long enough, he burst into laughter."

1996: An Old Law Chastises Pregnant Teen-Agers

2006: One-Parent Families:Characteristics, causes, consequences, and issues (Canada)

Single-Parent Families - Demographic Trends

"Of all single-parent families, the most common are those headed by divorced or separated mothers (58%) followed by never-married mothers (24%). Other family heads include widows (7%), divorced and separated fathers (8.4%), never-married fathers (1.5%), and widowers (0.9%). There is racial variation in the proportion of families headed by a single parent: 22 percent for white, 57 percent for black, and 33 percent for Hispanic families."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Headlines: November 19, 2008

Last-minute Bush abortion ruling causes furor

Obama Hears a Giant Sucking Sound: His legacy is spent before he gets his hands on it.

Some Ammunition To Use In The Battle Against The Hate-America Gang

Williams: Evil Concealed By Money

Healthcare with a Conscience

Eric Holder: Confirming Fears

Dating Web Site Agrees to Provide Same-Sex Matches

Bush's Legacy: European Socialism

"Online dating service eHarmony is adding another personality trait to its 29 dimensions of computability. The California-based company will begin providing same-sex matches under as part of a settlement with New Jersey's Civil Rights Division."

Post Election Stock Market Nosedive Continues...

The Koran, punk rock and lots of questions

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Headlines: November 18, 2008


'No' to Obama's experimental government

"What you see in FDR that I hope my team can emulate is not always getting it right, but projecting a sense of confidence, and a willingness to try things. And experiment in order to get people working again."

In Detroit, Failure's a Done Deal

"Instead, advocates of a "rescue" propose extending to Detroit the government's business model for the nation -- redistributing wealth from the successful to the failed, an implausible formula for prosperity."

Midnight Sun

"His "One For My Baby (And One More For the Road)" surely stands as one of the peaks of the great American songbook. Harold Arlen composed the music and Frank Sinatra contributed the definitive performance (on "Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely," 1958)."

Morality Before Economy? Since When?

"Those wretches who are debauching the youth of the country and murdering women and unborn babes, will soon be in the strong grip of government.”

$6.6 Trillion in Mortgages Were Wrapped into Mortgage-Backed Securities at Heart of Financial Crisis

Government sponsored enterprises, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, processed $4.6 trillion of the $6.6 trillion in mortgages now tied up in mortage-backed securities.

'Mass executions' in North Korean prisons

2005: Cuba fights AIDS with free drugs, not quarantine

How Obama Got Elected... Interviews With Obama Voters

Were some U.S. slave owners black?

Detroit Automakers a Relic of the Past: The Detroit Three will not be the last flagging enterprises to line up for government subsidy.


No UAW Bailout

The Bailout's Fault Lines

2005: Jobs bank programs -- 12,000 paid not to work

Monday, November 17, 2008

Misusing History | Christian History

Misusing History Christian History Jefferson's "wall"

Headlines: November 17, 2008

A federal bailout for Prop. 8: A Colorado battle may offer a means of challenging California's same-sex marriage ban.

GTT: In 1868, the American people ratified an amendment that required States to protect the person and property of all Americans and, in particular, of the newly freed slaves living in southern States.

Equal protection of f the law in the 14th amendment means equal protection of person and property. But that won't stop the U.S. Supreme Court from usurping the power of the States to define marriage by using it to establish an imaginary right to homosexual marriage.

Meet the union organizers: Stealth labor campaigns may be coming to such right-to-work states as Texas

Unions plan organization push in Texas

What is Communism? (video)

Rethinking Churchill

The Magnificence of Disposable Diapers

A MEMOIR OF SIR WILLIAM BLACKSTONE, - Sir William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England in Four Books, vol. 1 [1753]

Film-makers taking on our 'global warming hysteria'

A system's fatal flaws: Thousands of inmates admit they're in the U.S. illegally, but even those convicted of violent crimes are often released right back onto Houston's streets

How the Party of Defeat Lost Fallujah

No UAW Bailout

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Headlines: November 16, 2008

Bloated benefits for unions are sinking automakers

The world has never seen such freezing heat

"The reason for the freak figures was that scores of temperature records from Russia and elsewhere were not based on October readings at all. Figures from the previous month had simply been carried over and repeated two months running."

Calls grow to overhaul 401(k) retirement plans: The financial crisis, which has caused a dramatic decline in the value of the average worker's account, has undermined confidence in the system.

Breaking: Obama Will Split Jerusalem In Exchange For "Peace"

1,200 protest California's gay-marriage ban at Dallas City Hall

Is liberalism political madness?

Going backwards on indefinite detention, too?

“You can’t be a purist and say there’s never any circumstance in which a democratic society can preventively detain someone,” said one civil liberties lawyer, David D. Cole, a Georgetown law professor who has been a critic of the Bush administration.

Bail Me Out, Please!

Christine Todd Whitman and Robert M. Bostock: GOP can't afford to remain hostage to social fundamentalists

Back to the Future: If the Republican Party wants to be modern, it has to go back. Return to fiscal conservatism and ease up on social conservatism.

GTT: Memo to fiscal conservatives: You can't have fiscal conservatism without social conservatism.

There are 7.7 million poor families in the United States and 4.8 million of them are headed by single parents. Children raised by single parents are also more likely to use drugs and commit crimes. If you want less government, you need more personal responsibility. You need to restore the family and sexual morality. Social conservatives are the only ones who understand these things. The goal of fiscal conservativism cannot be reached ubless the vision of social conservatives prevails.

Across U.S., Big Rallies for Same-Sex Marriage

Saving Buffalo’s Untold Beauty

The liberals who did so much to destroy the family must share the blame for Baby P

Letter from Iceland

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Headlines: November 15 2008

Did Michelangelo Have a Hidden Agenda?

The Left's Evangelical Equivocation

The Rise Of The West

The Loss Of Individual Liberty: The challenge for this generation is to get it back.

Slouching Toward Fanaticism: Passionate intensity, but little rationality, in the anti-immunization movement

Combating AIDS at Home

Waltzing on the Titanic

ACLU Demand Explanation of Why Stalin Banner Was Removed From School

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Headlines: November 13, 2008

U.S. Shifts Focus in Credit Bailout to the Consumer

Washington's $5 Trillion Tab: Fighting the financial crisis has put the U.S. on the hook for some $5 trillion a report says. So far.

MSNBC retracts Palin story; others duped

Bush-Supporting Professor Granted Trial for Firing

"The firing, blacklisting, and intimidation of professors who dissent from — in this era, leftist — dogma are now commonplace. Virtually at will the campus left chokes off opposing voices, instead of permitting, much less encouraging, open discourse within the old rules of academic freedom."

McCarthy: Obama & Gitmo: End the demagoguing and know the facts before making policy.

"Thus he will confront the stubborn fact the not every jihadist who poses a danger to American lives can be brought to trial and proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in accordance with our civilian due process standards."

Violent Homosexuals on the Warpath Attack elderly & Stomp crosses (video)

Prop. 8 donor Scott Eckern explains his resignation from California Musical Theatre

Abortion Rates Under Clinton and Bush

Bailout Lacks Oversight Despite Billions Pledged: Watchdog Panel Is Empty; Report Is Unfinished

The World Without US

Empire State Implosion: The financial meltdown and the welfare state.

What's Happening In Minnesota? part 7

Republican Study Committee

The Marriage Problem (5): "In the United States...the median cohabitation lasts 1.3 years."

Blackstone on marriage

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Headlines: November 12, 2008

Israel blocks foreign media from Gaza

10-year-olds with 45-year-old arteries

Socialism as Moral Hazard

Egyptians Protest Doctor's 1,500-Lash Sentence in Saudi Arabia

Public Enemy - Fight The Power (video)

Pulling Plug On GM Would Help Both Auto Industry And Michigan

Analyst: California faces $28 billion deficit

Judge Clears Way For Same-Sex Marriages

Article I, Sec. 20 of Connecticut Constitution: "No person shall be denied the equal protection of the law nor be subjected to segregation or discrimination in the exercise or enjoyment of his civil or political rights because of religion, race, color, ancestry or national origin."

G.K. Chesterton: Darwinism is ‘An attack upon thought itself

Ancient Rome on Google Earth

Death of a Gunfighter

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Headlines: November 10, 2008

American Express to Become Bank Holding Company

Sowell: "Intellectuals"

2008 could be USA's coolest year since 1997

"So far, through September of this year, the entire Earth is experiencing its ninth-warmest year since records began in 1880. And all of the warm years have been recorded since the early 1990s."

Sunspots spell end of climate myth

"Both surface temperature records and the much more accurate records from satellite observations show there was a brief warming period from 1975-98. Since then, the world has cooled and is now at the same temperature it was in 1995. Nobody knows when, or if, world temperatures might increase."

Partial Birth Abortion as Contract Killing

Obama Will Overreach and We Will Bounce Back

2004: Going Dutch? Lessons of the same-sex marriage debate in the Netherlands.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Headlines: November 9, 2008

Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries

Government restructures AIG bailout package

Schwarzenegger tells backers of gay marriage: Don't give up: The governor expresses hope that Proposition 8 would be overturned as protesters continued to march outside churches across California.

To state the obvious: the job of judges it to keep governments within the limits of a constitution; Prop. 8 is now part of the California constitution; so California judges do not have the authority to overturn Prop. 8. Not that something like the rule of law will stop them.

UK's Brown: Now is the time to build global society

Obama set to push ‘big bang’ reform package

"Sunday’s comments also reinforce the impression that Mr Obama’s transition economic advisory board – which includes leading lights of the Clinton era, such as Lawrence Summers and Robert Rubin – is tilting heavily towards a “big bang” approach that would combine a short-term stimulus with large public investments to raise the longer-term US growth rate."

To help an economy recover, a government needs to cut spending, reduce taxes, and pay off debt (as the the federal government did in the early 1920s and in previous economic downturns). Obama's plan will lead to long-term economic disaster.

Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans

"The Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans from American taxpayers or the troubled assets the central bank is accepting as collateral."

Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature

Poll Accuracy in 2008 Presidential Elections

1998: Study May Show How Fetus Protects Itself in Womb

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Headlines: November 9, 2008

Questions swirl around potential stimulus plans

Pelosi and Reid Urge Aid for U.S. Automakers

Without U.S. aid, cash-burning GM will go bankrupt: analyst Automaker needs more than $25 billion technology loan from Uncle Sam, analyst claims; ‘bringing a Band-Aid to a train wreck’

U.S. Carmakers Said to Seek $50 Billion in U.S. Loans

In a sane world, these companies would lay off workers and would find a way to get rid of the unions that are dragging the companies down to destruction. They would have to become profitable again in ordee to remain in business. In 2008, GM will continue its unprofitable business practices with the help of a loan from the U.S. government.

Serve the State

"Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year."

Obama will soon be intervening in all our lives

Detroit’s Faustian Bargain

"It is, of course, no coincidence that the Big Three arrived at Washington’s doorstep together. All three have labored under “pattern bargaining” union contracts — Democrat-supported unions — that made their wage and pension costs unsustainable against non-union foreign automakers."

AIG in talks with Fed over new bail-out

Like Lincoln and FDR, Obama faces nation in crisis

After Push for Obama, Unions Seek New Rules

Does anyone remember the Wagner Act--and its consequences? (a depression within a depression)

A good definition of greed: wanting something for nothing.

Cost and Value of Education Will Plummet

Stop Foreclosures

The Arab world's nightmare

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Headlines: November 8, 2008

Obama Calls for Stimulus Package

President-elect Obama explains the first part of his plan to create another Great Depression:

"He said it was an “urgent priority” to extend unemployment insurance benefits for workers who could not find jobs in the bleak economy. He also said he would give aid to states, create new jobs and move forward with his tax-cut plans for middle-class families."

This will guarantee that:

1. People have less incentive to find work.

2. Scarce resources are directed away from productive businesses that provide jobs.

3. We increase the amount of public debt.

U.S. Government Debt: The Mother of All Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

Imperialism, Immigration, Insolvency

"The U.S. federal government's current method of accounting makes that of former Enron Corporation look almost pristine. The long-term imbalances in the nation's entitlement programs, including Social Security and Medicare, are not integrated with the rest of the budget, although in the private sector, ignoring retiree health and pension programs would be illegal. If the federal government properly accounted for its explicit and promised liabilities, it would record a national debt of $63.7 trillion in 2006 and a national deficit of $2.4 trillion. [...]"

From Midwest to M.T.A., Pain From Global Gamble

Friday, November 7, 2008

Headlines: November 7, 2008

A state sales tax jump could backfire: Gov. Schwarzenegger's proposal for a temporary increase could drive consumers to buy outside the state or over the Internet.

Schwarzenegger: $4.4B in tax hikes to end deficit

States consider billions in cuts as deficits widen

Marriage Moves VotersExtending constitutional protection to traditional marriage is hardly a narrow partisan affair.

Barack Obama: The Kingfish Reborn

"For whatsoe'ver their sufferings were before\ That change they covet makes them suffer more."

Taxpayers may pay legal bills for mortgage execs

Judge Is Told 6 Algerians Should Remain Detained

"A mere plan does not make someone an enemy combatant. . . . Even loose talk about plans to join al-Qaeda or plans to travel to Afghanistan is just that: talk."

The fiscal cancer that lies in wait for Obama

"The world may grumble about US foreign policy, but behind closed doors even critics recognise its central role in preserving global prosperity and security."

As Schools Grapple With Crowding, Prospect of Rezoning Angers Manhattan Parents

Congressional Research Service: American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics

U.S. Carmakers Said to Seek $50 Billion in U.S. Loans

How not to conduct a class discussion: Black teacher belittles soldiers child for supporting McCain (video)

GM reports $2.5B 3Q loss, says running out of cash

A Flag, on a Hill: We’re gonna lick ‘em out of their boots!

Greenspan: Guilty as Charged

The New York Sun: Extra, Extra! Lunar Man-Bats

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Federal Spending

Headlines: November 6, 2008

Gay rights backers file 3 lawsuits challenging Prop. 8: Lawyers for same-sex couples argue that the anti-gay marriage measure is an illegal constitutional revision. Backers of the measure attack the suits.

Wash. voters approve assisted suicide initiative: Voters approved Initiative 1000 on Tuesday, making Washington the second state to give terminally ill people the option of medically assisted suicide.

Wall Street falls sharply as investors, worrying about recess, ponder Obama impact on economy

This year's Antarctic ozone hole is 5th biggest

"The ozone hole generally forms in August and grows to its maximum size in September or October before breaking up"

US says it killed militants at civilian death site

"The U.S. said that civilians 'reportedly attempted to leave the area, but the insurgents forced them to remain.'"

Big Apple May Get Hit With Big Tax Hike

"The mayor proposed raising the income tax by either 7.5 percent or 15 percent."

Free trade fears cloud Sweden's embrace of Obama

Lesson redux

2008 Presidential Election: Winners by County (image)

Police Called After Obama Campaign Scrimps Workers On Pay (Video)

Ronald Reagan Did Not Lose Tuesday


Minnesota Department of Health

Second trimester begins at "14 WEEKS (16 weeks after the first day of the last normal menstrual period)"

Gay activists jarred by California marriage defeat

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Headlines: November 5, 2008

Samuelson: As the Rich Get Poorer

"Last week, New York Gov. David Paterson pleaded with Congress to provide emergency aid to states. Heavily dependent on Wall Street for taxes, he testified, New York faces a $12.5 billion budget deficit next year and expects joblessness to rise by 160,000."

Phillips: Freedom now stands alone

The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace: What must our enemies be thinking?

Williams: Capitalism and the Financial Crisis

Revolution Is No Tea Party: Rabble-rouser, wordsmith, strategist and defender of liberty.

The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking in America

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Headlines: November 4, 2008

Reagan - A Time For Choosing (video)

Finally, the financial truth will come out

Gov't to borrow a record $550B in current quarter

The Messiah Flips McCain the Bird

"Let This Guy Govern" Again

"Many of Obama's policies are bound to fail. His "tax the rich" scheme is based on the ludicrous notion, endlessly promoted by Paul Krugman and other liberal economists, that all the wealth gains since the Reagan Administration have accrued to a narrow slice at the top -- the "1300 families." This is utter nonsense. The "inequality" Krugman discovers in tax filings has actually been the migration of small businesses into Subchapter S filings to avoid America's corporate tax rate (now the second-highest in the world)."

Can America Come to Its Census?

Bin Laden aide convicted of terrorism-related charges

Bin Laden's video-maker gets life

Illinois TRS funded status drops

Revisions Considered for Valuations Of Public Pension Fund Payouts

Columbia Univ. Director Replies to Request for Khalidi Tape: 'Yeah, Right ... Loser'

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Stoning victim 'begged for mercy'

Effectiveness of AIG's $143 Billion Rescue Questioned

Floyd: For a broken, dead baby Dallas parents get soft landing


Critics' Picks: 'The Candidate': A. O. Scott looks at this 1972 film and how it seems to predict subsequent developments in American political culture. (video)

A Face in the Crowd (video)

Daniel Pipes: Catching Some Sleepers

Monday, November 3, 2008

Headlines: November 3, 2008

Sexy Television shows linked to teen pregnancy

Falsified registrations become votes

The Coming Obama Global Test

"America the beautiful is America the obscene." - Boston City Councilman Chuck Turner, Sept 13. 2005

More methane a mystery

Number of kids on medication jumps alarmingly: Most of the illnesses related to obesity

Obama's Hug-a-Thug Crime Policy

Dead Voters Submit Ballots From Beyond

"In my forthcoming book...I discuss how the Byzantine Emperor John VI Cantacuzenes appealed to Muslims for help in a dynastic dispute. They came into Europe and stayed. John VI was not the first Christian ruler to make alliances with Muslims; nor was he the first to pay for doing so. But his alliance may have had the worst long-lasting effects."

Next President Will Face Test on Detainees

"As the Bush administration enters its final months with no apparent plan to close the Guantánamo Bay camp, an extensive review of the government’s military tribunal files suggests that dozens of the roughly 255 prisoners remaining in detention are said by military and intelligence agencies to have been captured with important terrorism suspects, to have connections to top leaders of Al Qaeda or to have other serious terrorism credentials."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Headlines: November 2, 2008

Girl Is Stoned to Death in Somalia After Reporting Rape

Get Smart - First Season Theme - 1965

What does the opening sequence of Get Smart have to do with the American system of government?

From Touchstone: Practical Atheism Revisited

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Headlines: November 1, 2008


Friday, October 31, 2008

Headlines: October 31, 2008

Obesity blamed for doubling rate of diabetes cases

Bailout funds being spent in ways Congress never foresaw

U.S. deaths in Iraq on track for record low

Paul Johnson: Can We Afford Liberalism Now?

MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data

Don't Just Do Something. Stand There.

The richest Jew in Damascus, 1816

2004: Sitting on a String

"Look at the adjusted monetary base. This monetary component is the one that the Federal Reserve System controls. It reveals the FED’s holdings of assets, mainly U.S. government debt certificates. The monetary base is what Friedman has called high-powered money."

The Adventures of Baracchio: Episode 2

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Headlines: October 30, 2008


ACORN's Food Stamp Mortgages

An Acorn Whistleblower Testifies in Court: The group's ties to Obama are extensive.

Record snow storm triggers delays: Snow flurries throughout the night and early morning caused numerous delays for travellers using Switzerland's rail system on Thursday

RECORD COLD FOR OCALA: Record cold swept over the region Wednesday

Snow blankets London for Global Warming debate

A Fake Banking History of the United States

Zionism: Zionism & Israel Information Center

Book Review: Benny Morris, 1948: The first Arab-Israeli War

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Headlines: October 29, 2008

World bank is going bust

High rate of HIV cases is 'wake-up call' for Phila.

DC Talk - Jesus Freak (video)

McCain Economic Plan a Winner, Even If He Loses: Amity Shlaes

Is Obama Secretly Sensible? Don't Bet on It

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Headlines: October 27, 2008

Cost of crash: $2,800,000,000,000

Iran Gen. Admits Arming Region's Militants
Report: Revolutionary Guards Militia Leader Says Iran Sends Weapons To "Liberation Armies"

Franklin Roosevelt Rerevisionism

DOJ & Voter Fraud

Obama's Constitution

School Choice Can Fix Fairfax County School District Budget

AP: Lessons of 1929 shape response to current crisis

Samuel Adams: A Life

Obama's 'Redistribution' Constitution: The courts are poised for a takeover by the judicial left.

"[W]e need somebody who's got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it's like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it's like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that's the criteria by which I'm going to be selecting my judges."

In Praise of Bankruptcy

Timeline of Presidential Elections

Monday, October 27, 2008

Headlines: October 26, 2008

A warning Syria's President Assad must heed

"The US airborne raid into Syrian territory marks the culmination of years of frustration with Damascus’s reluctance to police its own border with Iraq, the main point of entry for foreign jihadists. Since the 2003 invasion...has allowed Islamic militants to cross its desert borders freely."

Barak Obama and redistribution of wealth


What McCain has to do to Win

Media's Presidential Bias and Decline: Columnist Michael Malone Looks at Slanted Election Coverage and the Reasons Why

Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered (video)

Spengler: The world isn't flat, it's flattened

Mangan: First your assets will become worthless, then you'll need a wheelbarrow to go shopping

Christians Cannot Sit on the Sidelines

The Age of Prosperity Is Over: This administration and Congress will be remembered like Herbert Hoover.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Depression during early pregnancy may heighten risk of premature birth

"The study also found that women who are more likely to report depressive symptoms tend to be younger than 25, unmarried, less educated, poorer, black, and have a history of pre-term delivery."


"The process is called democide, the murder of a populace by its own government. It can occur through malice, or indifference, or through incompetence. Almost always, it is instigated by an ideology -- fascism, Nazism, communism... and liberalism. According to Dr. R.J. Rummel, the sole scholar of democide (you'd think there would be droves of researchers working on such a critical topic -- but you'd be wrong), 262 million people have died by such means over the past century."

I survived the 20th Century Holocaust

Confirmed: MSM Holds Video Of Barack Obama Attending Jew-Bash & Toasting a Former PLO Operative... Refuse to Release the Video!

French accuse English of war crimes and exaggeration over Agincourt
The French are using the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt to accuse England's men of acting like 'war criminals'.

U.S. pledges extra $320 million for bird flu fight

Three Palestinians killed as Gaza smuggling tunnel collapses

Dodd's Campaign Money Shift Raises Questions

Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Headlines: October 25, 2008

Eliminating 25 million Americans

Runnin' with the Devil

The Obama/Ayers/Khalidi Connection

Why Won’t Obama Talk About Columbia?The years he won’t discuss may explain the Ayers tie he keeps lying about.

Media Ignores Cornell Staffer & Dean Oppressing Student's Free Speech

"Students that belong to a pro-life campus group called Cornell Coalition for Life (CCFL) spent weeks and hundreds of dollars organizing a pro-life display to be featured on the Cornell University Engineering Campus in Ithaca, New York."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Headlines: October 24, 2008

How's Obama Going to Raise $4.3 Trillion? The Democrat's tax and spending plans deserve closer examination.

Michael Moore's classmate films a response to `Sicko': A high school classmate of filmmaker Michael Moore has made his own film challenging Moore's rosy depiction of Cuban healthcare. It premieres Friday night.

Oil powerhouse Venezuela struggles to keep lights on

Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples


Private Coinage

Part 1 - Michael Tanner - Obama Healthcare (video)

WaPo: Conservatives Are Happier than Liberals And it has something to do with personal responsibility, religion and marriage. Go figure

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ronald Reagan's Mission Trip to Moscow | Christian History

Ronald Reagan's Mission Trip to Moscow Christian History

Headlines: October 23, 2008

An Obamanomics Preview: Tax and spend, but not in that order.

From the Beirut Bombing to 9/11: Liberal assaults on the executive branch have made us vulnerable.

2004: Under Bush, Federal Spending Increases at Fastest Rate in 30 Years

The National Budget, Debt & Deficit

Real federal spending per capita 1790-1915

Is Laissez Faire Responsible for the Financial Crisis?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Headlines: October 22, 2008

McCarthy: American Gun Owner = Trained Jihadist: The Uighur saga provides a window on Obama-style counterterrorism.

Williams: Affordable Health Care

Voter Fraud

From 1992: U.S. Reports Rise in Low-Weight Births

THE RIGHT PLACES: 400 Years of History

Argentina Makes Grab for Pensions Amid Crisis

Lamont Colucci: Today, the Bush doctrine may not be popular – but it will endure

Mortgage Prospects Dim for Illegal Immigrants

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Headlines: October 21, 2008

Pay gap between men and women is not due to discrimination but to their lifestyle choice, says study

Get Ready for the New New Deal: Obama is much more dangerous to economic freedom than FDR.

Do our rulers know enough to avoid a 1930s replay? Events are moving with lightning speed as the global credit freeze evolves into something awfully like a classic trade-depression.

$700 Billion Taxpayer Bailout Gives Hollywood $470 Million Tax Cut

Obama’s New Tax Welfare: Behind the 95.

Universal Coverage Kills

"Federal bureaucrats have announced that, as of this month, the Medicare program will no longer provide financial rewards to doctors and hospitals who harm patients."

Obama’s Poverty Trap

Obama Talks Nonsense on Tax Cuts: Revenues will inevitably be diverted from Social Security.

Obama: Tax cuts or welfare?

The Iceland Syndrome

Iceland is all but officially bankrupt

Health Services Iceland

Icelandic Economy Melting

"Iceland have good microeconomic policies with tax rates well belove the levels of other Nordic countries with a top personal income tax of 35% and a top corporate income tax of 15%. Unemployment benefits and other government hand outs to people who don't work are also much leaner than in the other Nordic countries."

Alexander Hamilton: The Founding Father of Crony Capitalism

Comparing the Obama and McCain Tax Plans (video)

Amazing New Audio Surfaces... Ayers Says Everyone In His Office Knew He Was Terrorist-Marxist (video)

The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama (video)

Good news about global warming!