Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hilaire Belloc: Defender of the Faith

a few capitalists

The money of a nation, instead of being a power by which a few capi- 
talists may monopolize the greater part of the earnings 
of labor, ought to be a power which should distribute 
products to producers, according to their labor expended 
in the production. 


Edward Kellogg again (and a money-crank treasure trove)

Adrian Kuzminski on Kellogg and Greene

Labor and other capital: the rights of each secured and the wrongs of both eradicated .. by Kellogg, Edward, 1790-1858

Remarks upon usury and its effects: a national bank a remedy; by [Kellogg, Edward], 1790-1858

Ideas for a science of good government, in addresses, letters and articles on a strictly national currency, tariff and civil service by Cooper, Peter, 1791-1883

Financial catechism and history of the financial legislation of the United States, from 1862 to 1882 by Brice, S.M

A new monetary system: the only means of securing the respective rights of labor and property, and of protecting the public from financial revulsions by Kellogg, Edward, 1790-1858

Credit for the Rest of Us?

Subtreasury Plan

How Vermont can Abolish Usury and Promote a Sustainable Society

Catholic Social Teaching: St. Pius X Through Pius XI

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Richardson Food Truck Park: FOOD TRUCKS

There Is No Such Thing As A Bank Loan

Lawrence Goodwyn: The Great Predicament Facing Obama

Wolves of Wall Street: Financialization and American Inequality

Muddle-Heads and the Middle Ages

Revisiting “The Servile State”

Welcome to the Plutocracy

DC mansion 'home- invasion killer is charged with burning and stabbing boy, 10, to death in front of his parents, then murdering them as well'

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Woman whose baby was cut from womb says she tried to fight attacker

Study shows that increased atmospheric CO2 is greening the deserts

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Sentenced to prison for assault, teenage 'parachute kids' deliver warning to adults in China

Monday, February 15, 2016

How the AARP Made $2.8 Billion By Supporting Obamacare's Cuts to Medicare

Profits In Health Insurance Under Obamacare

Few people understand that most profits from health insurers stem from their return on investing their pool of premium dollars while awaiting those dollars being paid out in claims months or even years after being collected. Wharton School insurance expert Scott Harrington calculates that in 2013, insurers in the individual (nongroup) insurance market overall earned negative pre-tax profits of 3.1% on the premiums they collected. That is, they actually lost 3.1 cents for every premium dollar collected, but they presumably made these losses up from their underwriting gains for group coverage as well as returns on investments.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spike Driver's Blues - Mississippi John Hurt on Pete Seeger's "Rainbow Quest"

Bones found 37 years ago linked to missing Sonoma County girls

'She always talked of running away with him': Friend of murdered Virginia girl says 13-year-old wanted to get married and start a family with Virginia Tech freshman, 18, accused of stabbing her to death

How can it go from being my wonderful happy daughter to she was murdered a few days later? I talked to her about a week before she went missing and everything was normal. She was my little baby girl,' he said.
Mr Lovell and Nicole's mother Tammy Weeks are not together. His wife Terri Lovell, Nicole's step-mom, also appeared on Dr Phil.

The man who became a millionaire out of migrants: The fat cat who gave himself a £760,000 pay rise to put refugees up in hotels... but his guests are moaning about the buffet and lack of puds

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Black and Unarmed: Behind the Numbers

Maine Required Childless Adults to Work to Get Food Stamps. Here’s What Happened.

'She would not have gone out without a fight': Father of 13-year-old girl ‘murdered by Virginia Tech students in sadistic pre-planned crime’ speaks out

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